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WHALE Member Guide

Part 1:
- Navigating discord — the visitor and member sections
- The roles available

Welcome to WHALE!

Empowering and elevating the Natively Digital.

WHALE is the omni-versal membership club for the natively digital, focused on immersing our WHALE Members in the renaissance of digital art and culture.

In this article we will explain:

- How to access the visitor areas

- How to find your way around discord

- Where to claim the Member role

- Where to go next

If you have never used discord before, instructions on setting up your account can be found here:

Discord can be accessed through either the app or the web browser.

Before being able to enter into the WHALE discord and send messages, you must:

- verify your email (with discord, not WHALE)

- be a WHALE server member for 10+ minutes

- during busy periods, you may also be required to verify a phone number

JOIN WHALE HERE: https://discord.gg/whale

How to access the visitor areas

Collect your Visitor’s Pass

Immediately after you arrive at the WHALE server, stop by the #LOBBY and pick up your visitors pass.

  • Read and accept the rules
  • Click the emoji below the embedded text box to claim the visitor role
  • ⚠ Before you can begin to interact, you may need to verify by phone and wait a few minutes before typing or accessing other channels.

How to find your way around the WHALE channels for VISITORS

Visitor Role 🌱

At first you will only have access to information channels, #general (the main channel for conversation), and the bot channels.

The channels visible to the visitor role (as shown above) may either be

  • 🌱 informational sections where you can view content — but cannot post; or
  • 💬 chat or communication sections where you can interact with other members and service bots.

These text channels are denoted by a # with a lock in the corner — meaning that the channel requires certain roles to access.

You may also notice channels with a speaker symbol. These can be either special information channels, or channels where you can connect and listen when there is a live stream. The main channel for listening to streams or watching video is called “Connect to audio + video”, and you may access it when there is an event programmed.


🌱 Introduction: (Read-only) Allow us to briefly introduce ourselves!

🌱 Rules: (Read-only) Read and abide by these server rules.

🌱 Contact Us: (Read-only) Do you have a support issue, a question or comment, or just need to talk to the team in private? Press the button to open a ticket. Your ticket will open in a separate channel that only you and moderators can see.

Notice Board

🌱 Updates: (Read-only) The WHALE team will post notices here periodically. If you see there are unread messages there, be sure to take a look!


💬 General: (Chat) Read the #rules before posting! You may chat all things broadly relevant here. Digital art, crypto regulations, the metaverse, Ethereum, alt chains, NFT’s, artists, $WHALE. We have dedicated channels for some of these topics — please explore and find the areas of WHALE that interest you the most.
❌No posting links unless you are a H2P member (Dolphin, Shark, Whale), and it’s a genuine link to a well-known account or resource. No spam or shilling.
✅Personal/general conversation is allowed, but please keep it ‘light’ and short. The WHALE #General chat should remain on-topic and relevant to newcomers and Maiden Voyagers alike. In-depth discussions that are not relevant to our other WHALE members should be taken to DM’s, or #off-topic.

💬 Bot Command: (Chat) Remember to always use this channel to call the various bot functions unrelated to the conversations in progress in other channels. Check out the Bot-Guide channel below to see what you can do!

🤖 Bot Guide: (Read-only) This channel will show you the commands available to your role-level. Higher roles grant higher access to the bots.


💬 Stream Text Chat: (Chat) This channel is typically closed when there is no live show. When there is a live WHALE event in discord, the channel will be unlocked and you can participate in our events via text, emoji and gif. Please remain on-topic in respect of our guests and audience.

Connect to Audio and Video: (AV Channel) Connect to this channel to join the live stream. Events may either be audio only, or audio and video. You can ‘pop’ the video out to watch separately while still participating in the Stream Text Chat.

Where to claim the Member role


🔑 Unlock Benefits: (Read-only) If you like what you see so far, you can choose to unlock even more sections, channels, and benefits! Pick up a free Membership (member) role here.

Claim Member role in the “unlock-benefits” channel

The JOIN WHALE section, #⚡Unlock Benefits channel appears at the bottom of the channel list.

Click the WHALE emoji option in this channel to claim your MEMBER role.

How to find your way around the WHALE channels for Members

Member Role ⭐

Your free membership allows further access and benefits!


⭐ Live membership and token price feed.


Information: (Read-only) Further details on WHALE and discord.

Notice Board

Listed for $WHALE: (Limited Posting) Do you have something for sale that is listed on OpenSea exclusively for the purchaser to buy using $WHALE token? With a free membership role, you can post it here!

WHALE Splash: (Read-only) We often reward our Hold-2-Play members — Dolphin, Shark, Whale. This is where some of the tipping happens! Your name can be included here by claiming a higher-tier H2P role.


Off Topic & Ads: (Chat) This channel should be used at your own risk! Members may post about their project or nft sale or other non-WHALE related news in this channel once per week only. H2P members may post daily.

Digital Asset Discussion

General Digital Art: (Chat) Our favourite topic of conversation at WHALE 🐋! This is a chat channel dedicated to general conversation around digital art. Show your WIPs here and connect with other creatives. Mutually positive and genuine introductions and conversations are welcome, advertisements for personal gain (financial or otherwise) are not.

Art Edu: (Chat) Immerse yourself into the wonderfully intellectually stimulating Art Edu channel — an ever growing treasure-trove of educational gems.


Higher Tier Membership: (Read-only) Still want more? Take the plunge and secure yourself a Collective or Hold-2-Play role for premium membership — details below.

More free access roles


  • Interested in in-depth discussion topics? Claim this role to reveal new digital asset discussion channels eg photography, art-education, etc and the WHALE Collective’s announcement channel.


  • Get a notification ping for important WHALE Collective news.


  • Get a notification ping when we have a WHALE FM event about to start.

What next?

Holders of $WHALE can claim special roles with extra rewards and access.

Find out more here in WHALE Member Guide, Part 2: Token-based Roles (collective, hold-2-play)


⚫ ️Website: https://whale.me/
⚫ ️Discord: https://discord.gg/whale
⚫️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WHALEMembers
⚫️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/whalemembers
⚫️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whalemembers
⚫️ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/whalecommunity
⚫️ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WHALEMembers
⚫️ Medium: https://medium.com/whale-members
⚫️ Telegram: https://t.me/WHALEMembers



WHALE is the omni-versal membership club for the natively digital, focused on immersing our WHALE Members in the renaissance of digital art and culture.

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