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Original Cent post : https://beta.cent.co/+4zsog0

Art by David Loblaw, __https://makersplace.com/davidloblaw/


The $WHALE team and I are excited to be announcing a new use-case for $WHALE in co-operation with Roll:


There has been a significant amount of positive momentum surrounding everything with $WHALE that includes the healthy development of our community engagement, beastly appreciation of the assets in The Vault and the overall reflection of both these in the price of $WHALE.

Given the amazing growth we are experiencing in all areas of the $WHALE community and economy, we still had one itching question:

How we can provide more to our strongest and most rabid $WHALE supporters?

Roll came to the rescue with a brilliant idea that we have seen work with $Karma as well as with other prominent Social Currencies… exclusive content and access.

$WHALE-Whales is not about taking anything from the larger community, it’s about giving our die-hard $WHALE community members MOAR.

MOAR information, MOAR access and MOAR rewards.

The best part about it? It will not cost you a one-time or monthly membership fee. Access is free simply by holding a requisite amount of $WHALE in your Metamask or Roll account.

If you’ve ever wondered:

What is it like to live like a Whale?

How does a Whale think?

What NFTs are we investing in and purchasing for The Vault?

What is investing like outside of NFTland?

And many more…

$WHALE WHALES is for you.

Details are as follows:


1, Depositing 500 $WHALE in your Metamask or Roll wallet guarantees access to this exclusive channel in August 2020.

2, Required $WHALE holding levels to access this channel will increase by 50 WHALE per month i.e. in September 2020 it will be 550 $WHALE.

3, At any point in time, if your balance dips below the required $WHALE holdings, access to #WHALE-WHALES will be restricted.

4, Contents and discussions of the #WHALE-WHALES channel should be kept as confidential as possible to maintain the exclusivity of the channel.

5, Sharing of screenshots of discussions within the channel without prior consent will result in a ban from #WHALE-WHALES.

6, Any changes to Member Benefits will be announced 3 months before change. Note that depending on the demand for $WHALE-WHALES, there is the potential of membership and benefit tier-ing in the future.

Member Benefits:

1, Guaranteed response from WhaleShark on all “@” requests for information, considerations and advice within 24 hours unless “vacation time” is notified. As I am online for a large majority of the day, most “@” will receive an immediate response.

2, Unprecedented access to the inner-workings of WhaleShark’s brain and life.

3, Real-time announcements on investment in new projects and NFTs entering The Vault.

4, MOAR $WHALE drops. Commitment of 5,000 $WHALE distribution per month to $WHALE-WHALES channel members. Drops can and will occur at anytime during the month to avoid membership sniping.

5, MOAR $WHALE Fun and Games. First look participation and earning opportunities in experimental $WHALE events.

6, Limited edition NFT and physical collectible drops and draws, including goods from $WHALE and E1337.

7, Free CV Parcel (1 parcel) or Sandbox (1 LAND) rental starting on 1/1/2021.

8, 1 month free gallery space rental in WhaleShark or The Vault owned Gallery Builds: One BC Galleries, House of (M), Scarlet Factory. Availability on a first come first reserve basis.

9, The Tipbot Guarantee. Tipbot deposits guaranteed up to 500 $WHALE. If any rogue bot runs off with your money, WhaleShark has you covered.

10, A community channel of the ultimate $WHALE fans and friends.

We fully believe that $WHALE-WHALES enhances the mission of rewarding the right people for the right community engagement.

Launch of $WHALE-WHALES will occur before the end of July 2020 so get your $WHALE now through:

Community Engagement

Purchase through Uniswap

WhaleShark Out and $WHALE On!

Come chat with us on Discord http://discord.gg/whale



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