Attn Marketers: Why Sales Reps don’t trust your Data or Leads. How to get into the “circle of trust”.

Get a couple of beers into any Sales or Marketing professional and you’ll hear the following:

Marketer: Sales doesn’t follow-up with the leads we give them fast enough!

Sales: Marketing has no idea of what we Reps look for in a good lead. All their leads are pretty much worthless.

The only way to align marketing & sales is to build core trust between both teams. Here are two key methods:

1) Genuine Empathy

One key way for marketers to do this is to physically sit with the sales team when they are pitching. By being involved, hearing the customer objections directly, you begin to empathize with the Sales rep. The most effective marketing teams physically sit with their sales peers.

2) Quality of Lead Data:

Quality of lead data is also a key way to build trust with the sales team. If sales knows that the lead data is accurate, that saves them precious research time and enables them to prioritize faster.

Whalr’s PQL Intel was built with the key understanding that if you provide 100 quality leads, but 1 of them has incorrect data (ie False-Positive), then the Sales Rep won’t trust the data. Whalr data requires that the data must pass a >95% confidence level of accuracy.

A key differentiator in our approach is that we provide a “Verified” or “Unverifiable” status on our data. We error on ultra conservatism so that we do not surface any False Positives (ie the one bad lead that destroys Trust).

Whalr’s Intel gives you the confidence that the Firmographic and Demographic data you’re using to help qualify your leads is extremely accurate. This gives your sales team more confidence that the leads you are sending to Sales are of the highest quality.

Telling your sales reps that the data is “verified” by a 3rd party will help build trust. The more quality leads you give your sales reps will make you a Rockstar in the eyes of sales. Marketing will be Sales’ new BFF!