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Gaming: Four Major Platforms

Remember those old days, when we used to rush to video game shops to buy our favorite gaming cassettes that would comprise of a list of our favorite games? If you remember this, then you would surely have noticed how things have changed, from those gaming cassettes we have moved to mobile games!

Here, in this article, we will be having a discussion over the four major types of gaming platforms that are used these days. So, let’s begin!

How Big is the Gaming Industry?

When you sit down on the couch to play your favorite game over a gaming console, have you ever wondered, what are the different types of games? How rapidly the gaming industry has been transforming?

Over the past few years, the growth in the gaming industry has been quite impressive. As per the market researcher newzoo, the global games market was valued at $137.9 billion in 2018, which is 10.9% more than for the year 2017 and accordingly, in 2019, the gaming industry is speculated to be worth $151.9 billion.

Thus, a wider audience has been becoming a part of this gaming revolution and playing their favorite games via all the available gaming segments such as PC-based games, Mobile-based games, Console-based games, and Multiplatform-based games.

Types of Gaming Platforms

There are basically four major types of gaming platforms that are available in the global market which are as discussed herewith:-

  • PC-dominant
  • Mobile-dominant
  • Console-dominant
  • Multiplatform players


Across the entire gaming population, around 15 percent of gamers use desktops or laptops for playing their favorite games. The PC-based gaming platform is preferred by those who love to play over wider screen.


Since the Smartphones got into the market, gamers started moving from PC-based games to the Mobile-based games. Today, around 39 percent of the entire gaming population prefers smartphones or tablets to play their favorite games because these fit easily in everyone’s pocket and are easy to carry.


A console-based gaming platform is another popular gaming platforms. Today, around 23 percent of the entire gaming population prefers a console or handheld device to play their favorite games. The global gaming console market is acquired by leading gaming console manufacturers Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft. Some of the popular products from these tech giants that are very popular among the players are Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Therefore, this market is growing rapidly at a very fast pace.

Multiplatform players

Now comes the “Multiplatform players” who comprise of over 23 percent of the entire gaming population. These players toggle between multiple gaming platforms such as VR headsets, handheld devices, smartphones, gaming consoles, and desktops to play their favorite games.

Experts views

2018 was the year where it really became obvious that mobile was a sophisticated gaming platform in its own right, offering experiences (e.g., Fortnite and PUBG) that can match consoles. We expect this to continue into 2019.
-Sam Cheney, Market Insights Manager, App Annie

Mobile gaming is more appealing than ever before. Consumer spends on mobile games is larger than all other gaming formats combined — PC/Mac, console and handheld gaming.
-Donny Kristianto, Market Insights Manager, App Annie

Overall, gamers no matter which region they belong accesses different platforms such as gaming consoles, desktops, VR headsets, handheld devices, smartphones and tablets to play their favorite games. Across all of these available platforms, the mobile-based gaming platform is still dominating with over 39 percent of the entire gaming population and is likely to engage more users in the coming years.

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