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Scope & Applications of Web 3.0

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Web 3.0 is already being used in vast areas of our life, including virtual assistance, education, social networking, messaging, exchange services, browsing, etc.

For example, when you’re sitting inside the office, and you would like to check the availability of things like groceries in your house, you’ll be able to inquire your digital assistant to look at the items in your fridge by communicating with the interconnected smart gadgets at your home.

In addition, you’ll be able to plan your holiday, business trip, any party, family errands and indeed guarantee the security of your house by utilizing your unique Internet-connected gadgets at home. The virtual assistant’s customized suggestions will assist you in organizing the best weekend, from getting your tickets booked with reduced rates to finding unique places to visit, saving lodgings.

Web 3.0 applications

Apple’s Siri

Siri is an ideal illustration of a voice-recognition computer program as a critical component of web 3.0. Earlier, Siri and other personal assistants could only execute lighter tasks like setting up reminders or getting directions to specific places. All these were done with the help of pre-programmed algorithms. But nowadays, they can perform much more complex tasks by communicating, sharing information and providing users with more helpful search results for meaningful queries like how to, why, and what.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a platform for computational intelligence that now uses web 3.0. The platform can help us compute users’ answers from diverse areas like mathematics, nutrition, and science. It rapidly interacts with other apps to collect information from their databases and outlines the information for end-users. As a result, it is now faster and more accurate results than it used to be with web 2.0. Siri is a regular user of Wolfram Alpha.


Steemit is a social network website that makes use of web 3.0. It runs with the help of the Steem Blockchain and is a decentralized social media reward platform. Content creators, bloggers and website developers are rewarded with cryptocurrencies contributing their work on their sites. This is precisely where web 3.0 is used, as it assists the platform in rewarding the content owners with cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure environment.


Sola is another social network website that makes use of web 3.0. It is similar to Steemit; it is a decentralized social platform powered by distributed nodes, IPFS, and the Ethereum blockchain.

Sola uses blockchain AI to build a social network which is not like steemit. It rewards the content creators and all parties involved like the users, third-party developers, etc.

The website uses AI algorithms to filter the excellent content based on user reactions. An internal virtual currency, Ethereum based, known as Action points, is given to the users, which can be used to upvote their content or to upvote content created by others.


IDEX is a well known decentralized exchange used to trade ERC20 (Web 3.0 based tokens). The user would require an Ethereum wallet to trade because IDEX is an Ethereum-based exchange. A cryptocurrency wallet called Metamask is also used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain to get the best experience of IDEX.


e-Chat is a messenger web 3.0 app that is powered by a decentralized blockchain. And is also one of the fastest-growing social networks.


Storj is decentralized cloud storage which is one of Web 3.0.

It is powered by blockchain technology, allowing users to rent their free disk space. It has an official token that is used as a payment method. Renters pay for their disk space on the platform, and the users are paid accordingly.


LBRY video and music website based on web 3.0. It has a library of different forms of content, such as books, music and videos. Blockchain technology with an integrated payment system is used to publish material and monetize this decentralized digital library.


Ethlance is a job platform based on web 3.0. The decentralized app uses the Ethereum blockchain. Here, anyone can be hired and offered work to exchange Ether cryptocurrency, which was never possible with older technology.

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