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We are in the midst of a digital revolution with the quest for transformation and disruption to penetrate the dynamic market, respectively. The gaming industry is very distinct when it comes to being exposed to this advancement. The fact that online gaming is progressing every day with a competitive edge to increase its connection with users.

Research has suggested that the satisfaction of those playing games is more when there is a background on the same. Storytelling is one of the major areas where the progress of the gaming industry has been slow or somewhat stagnant. Player engagement with appealing content is the need of the hour; thus, while building community storytelling can be imbibed as an interactive platform. Hence, giving a complete idea of the gameplay, themes, and its characters.

Further, the statistics show that the global gaming market is expected to hit $148.1 billion in 2019. In 2019, not only gaming companies but also professional gamers are expected to be rewarded for themselves through esports and live streaming in the coming years. However, the players who are not professional or semi-pro find it challenging to compete in the field of the game masters. It is difficult to survive such competition in the gaming industry for being rewarded in spite of their contribution.

About us

Wharf Street Studios has a notion of developing games with an interactive platform for players around the world. It will give a thrilling experience to live virtually with the legends while walking through their unique storylines. It is a distinct studio, thriving to build its characters with storylines, venturing into the mobile app and online PC games. Built with a team of passionate technocrats and entrepreneurs who have domain knowledge with exposure in the growing applications like blockchain and AI. Our games are handcrafted to best suit the dynamic gaming industry.

Furthermore, Wharf Street Studios thrives to give an opportunity to players to contribute in different ways. It will be Opening the forum to sketching, modeling, animating, coding modules, etc. for the game, keeping them involved with every development phase of the game. Players can create and share innovative characters with our studios. Exclusive models would be developed in our in-house game, followed by a reward mechanism for players.

Companies nowadays are on the lookout not only for experienced candidates with required expertise but for those who are open and quickly adaptable to the dynamic environment as well. With the advent recent industrial revolution, adaptive performance will play a vital role in this regard as those not coping with would be left behind.

Nurturing talent is of immense importance, starting with their recognition from the very roots. Wharf Street Studios thrives on pooling talent, thereby shaping their ideas to create an interactive era for the gaming industry. Apart from using its mobility to create real-time exposure to students seeking a gaming career, providing a pragmatic approach through internships and courses. With strategic steps to tap into the skillsets of players by giving them a chance to convert their ideas into reality with their contribution.

Ideation to Reality

Imagine playing a character in your mind through virtual reality.

The character isn’t real, but the studio does it artificially by outlining attributes with particular traits. Whereby the scriptwriting methodology could help achieve this in gaming.

There is a famous Indian proverb, “Tell me a fact, I’ll learn. Tell me the truth, and I’ll believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever”.

Psychology had demonstrated that stories are a natural mode of thinking, which was initially used for education before the current education system was set up. Hence, storytelling is a powerful way to convey information, thereby giving meaning to characters or games. The benefits of storytelling help convey your message leading to below:

a) Keep the audience engaged as those games that use storytelling are infinitely more engaging than those that don’t.

b) Help in increasing reach as people are more likely to share your content with others if they connect well with your story.

c) Makes it memorable as people retain information from visual images for much longer than text, giving the longevity in your audience’s mind.

Current online games are more focused towards the use of the ability, thereby partially or entirely ignoring the narration. This situation leads to the lack of association with the background or origin of the characters. Hence, limiting its conversion amongst players. However, few occasions inspire players to associate themselves with characters when linked to a movie, series, or novel.

Wharf Street Studios is excited to launch its first in-house game i.e., Epiko Regal. A brawler, driven by AI and blockchain (soon), where players collect cards and duel online. It is inspired from legends of the east with a western feel to give an epic experience to players worldwide. the citation of Wharf Street Studios would enable players to benefit with a rewarding mechanism using strategic community building.

Wharf Street Studios aspires to conduct unique programs for players to participate in multiple contests and earn points. The points earned can be redeemed to buy merchandise, discounts on the digital game, or making in-app purchases. It will create a two-way channel for a win-win situation on either side.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months and sign up for the newsletter here. Please visit our website and join our telegram for more information.

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Wharf Street Studios is an animation studio where we provide a full spectrum of services. We have our product Epiko — A blockchain-based gaming ecosystem of Games, NFTs, and Metaverse.

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