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The most popular mobile operating systems are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Google’s Android operating system is used for tablets, smartphones, and touchscreen devices. These operating systems enable users to interact with mobile devices by touching, swiping, zooming, tapping and pinching. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Differences between the two:

The two operating systems use different programming languages. Different apps for Google’s Android platform are created using the Java or Kotlin programming languages. The current programming language exclusive to Apple products is said to be Swift. Swift is used for the same purpose on iOS. It is simpler to maintain, involves less coding labour, and is less expensive to develop. It has been noted that iOS is simpler to build than Android among these two programming languages. Recently, customization has become the new key. Be it a service, a machine, or a smartphone app. Thus, it can observe that the Android operating system is more customizable than the iOS one.

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Advantages and disadvantages of each:

The development of Android operating systems takes longer than that of iOS. This is because Android smartphones come in various screen sizes for multiple devices. Therefore, to guarantee compatibility and good operation across different devices, Android operating systems need to focus more on their interface design and device-by-device programming. As a result, designing device-specific operating systems takes up a lot of the designer’s work. In contrast, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod all share a uniform screen size under the iOS operating system. Consequently, it becomes simple and efficient for iOS designers to develop apps for Apple devices.

These systems also function based on the intended nation and audience. Compared to Android, Apple primarily targets younger demographics. In several countries, Apple gadgets are also widely used. Because of Apple’s branding, consumers in those nations choose Apple over Android. As a result, most individuals have selected Apple products due to their popularity and high standards. As a result, creating iOS apps is thought to be more lucrative than creating Android apps.

Both iOS and Android have characteristics to consider when creating applications, such as the user’s age, location, the number of hours they spend using the app, etc. These variables influence the customers’ purchasing habits.

Which one makes more money?

According to studies, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android both have a significant market and a broad worldwide reach. Both platforms generate substantial money. However, compared to one, Apple generates greater profits than Android. This is due to the elements covered in the article’s earlier section.

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Current scenario:

Android is currently the operating system of choice for many technical professions and a more significant percentage of the male population.

On the other hand, Apple is primarily liked by young people and women. These users also have administrative and professional backgrounds. Additionally, it has been shown that most Apple consumers spend most of their time using their iPhones.

Future trends:

Android smartphones are currently attempting to increase their market share in continents like Africa and Latin America. Australia and North America quickly catch up to iOS, dominating Western Europe.


Both of these platforms are distinct in their ways since each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. The platform an app developer finds comfortable and straightforward to write for may vary. It is ensured that the apps created for both platforms provide the user with outstanding outcomes.

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