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AI and the Blockchain were among the greatest invention since a century ago. These two technologies were also very influential in our businesses today. In the beginning, companies were reluctant to use both of the Techs. Though it is gradually getting acceptance, one can say now they have gotten to the point that any business can’t ignore them. Anyway, what’s the meaning of AI and Blockchain?

AI can be defined as artificial intelligence; it is the ability of a computer or robot controlled by a computer to do tasks usually done by humans. This is because the job requires human intelligence and discernment. On the other hand, Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks, which are linked together using cryptography.

These are eight AI- Blockchain projects that everyone must endeavour to know. They are; AICoin, Botchain, DeepBrain Chain, Matrix AI, Numerai, Namahe, Peculium and Singularity Net. I am going to take them one by one and explain.

  • AICoin is a utility token that gives the holder access to a range of benefits based on the founding team’s AI trading modelling and other techs. This uniqueness can benefit the holder in many forms; A, The holder can get a discount from RMaas. RMaas is software that might augment a buy and hold strategy. This licensee’s locks 5% of the investment account value in XAI, which receives a discounted licensing fee. B, Rverse auction token buybacks, this can be seen as some pools of digital assets are traded using the founder’s deep learning trading models. As the models have profitable trading months, 50% of those profits are used to buy back and lock XAI tokens in the next month. It confirmed that this decreasing token supply adds appreciation to the tokens’ value.
  • Botchain- This platform enables trust and audit of autonomous software by offering a standardized registry, identity validation and an immutable event ledger for any products, including bots and RPA tools. Botchain was formed in Tella Inc by a group whose expertise is in enterprise AI-powered knowledge and information management. Botchain has a partnership with Gupshup. Gupshup is a big platform for developers, and bot Polly, careerLark, Botkit, Disco and Zoom.
  • DeepBrain- It has three major components. They are high-performance computing networks, blockchain main net and GPU computing networks. DeepBrain as infinity scalable distributed high-performance computing has been regarded as an excellent infrastructure. It has been one of the strongest achievers in the Blockchain. Today, numerous manufacturers in the world have resorted to DeepBrain because of its high performance. It is cost-effective, as many companies are giving their testimonies about it.
  • Matrix AI- This company is based in Sydney. It is a software solution company, and they provide machine learning services. They supply full-stack machine learning development and cloud orchestration through AI.
  • Numerai- Richard Craib developed it in October 2015. And it was created to counter companies like QuantConnect and WorldQuant. Numerai can be defined as AI-run, a crowd-sourced hedge fund. Its trades are sourced through AI.
  • Namahe-This is a decentralized supply chain platform based on AI. It gives aid for a marketplace where the profile, experience and history of workers/suppliers can be used and allow the retailers and the workers to trade. This tech uses AI majorly. The use of AI enables the automation of a decision-making system to make real-time adjustments to the supply chain.
  • Peculium- This is a decentralized savings platform built on machine learning with the major aim of maximizing profits and savings. It is also transparent and reliable. It also helps monitor and manage cryptocurrency assets for the user. It has advanced risk management algorithms. Users can minimize their risk substantially while building their portfolios simultaneously.
  • Singularity Net-This is an advanced tech. It can also be called a global marketplace because it allows anyone to create, share and monetize AI services at scale. It is among the most significant apps of this century.

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