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“We’re trying to build the most boring company in Fintech. My board members Angela Strange & Matt Harris truly believe that these platform companies are going to have payments. Not because they want interchange revenue, but because it’s just a better user experience.”

In today’s episode, I sat down with Wade Arnold, Founder & CEO of moov raised a $27M Series A led by a16z in December 2020, following a $5M seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures.

Moov provides developers with an elegant, simple platform that takes the complexity out of embedded payments. They take a developer-first approach of:

  • Being built on open source (with fantastic community resources)
  • Portable to cloud providers or on-premises
  • Modular for customization
  • Decoupled from any single bank program

Wade is a self-described “engineers engineer,” a true nerd at heart who has built a number of technical products in fintech and beyond.

Wade Arnold, Founder of

Wade will be at the Wharton Fintech Conference on April 22 and 23, on a panel titled “Unpacking APIs & SaaS: How Best-in-Class Fintechs Are Building From the Ground Up.”

The panel is hosted by Amias Moore Gerety of QED and will host execs from Treasury Prime, Finix, OpenPayd, and Railsbank.

There are 20+ panels and events featuring:

  • CEOs of Wealthfront, Cross River, Next Insurance, Fundrise, Republic, & Pipe
  • Executives from Stripe, Lemonade, nubank, Hippo, Lending Club, Metromile, & Alloy
  • Partners from Bain Capital Ventures, McKinsey, QED, Oak HC/FT, Bessemer, Lightspeed, Plug & Play, Quona, and Broadhaven
  • and many more

Wade and moov are hosting their own conference as well in September titled Fintech Devcon. Check out more here!

Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Soundcloud

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