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Podcast with Steve McLaughlin, Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of FT Partners

In our latest episode of the Wharton Fintech podcast, Miguel Armaza (WG’21/G’21) is joined by Steve McLaughlin. He is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of FT Partners. Steve started his investment banking career at Goldman Sachs covering financial technology companies in 1995. Seven years later, he left Goldman to launch FT Partners at the age of 32. He has been successfully running and growing the firm for almost 20 years and is one of the undisputable leaders in Fintech capital raising and M&A advising. McLaughlin has been recognized with multiple industry awards, including Investment Banker of the Year by The Information, and is consistently ranked as one of the most influential people in Fintech around the world. Steve holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BSBA from Villanova University.

FT Partners

FT Partners is the only investment banking firm focused exclusively on providing strategic and financial advisory services to clients and CEOs in the dynamic global FinTech sector. The firm offers strategic advisory services in mission-critical transactions including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, LBOs, refinancings, recapitalizations and private capital raises. San Francisco-based FT Partners has the largest and most senior group of dedicated bankers focused on FinTech. For additional information, please visit www.ftpartners.com.

In this extensive interview, Steve shares:

  • How he launched FT Partners in 2002, some of the challenges they encountered early on, and how the firm has grown to over 160 employees in 2020
  • The company’s data and analytical driven coverage model, led by a dedicated 30 person internal research team
  • FT Partners’ close relationship with the Fintech ecosystem, including Venture Capital funds and entrepreneurs
  • Why Steve believes we are only at the early innings of the Fintech revolution and some of the verticals and companies he is excited about
  • The road ahead for FT Partners and their role in the industry.

Interview recorded on March 6, 2020.




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Miguel Armaza

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