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Sherwin Gandhi, Co-Founder and President of Jeeves — Providing Borderless Business Banking

In today’s episode, Anirudh Singh sits down with Sherwin Gandhi of Jeeves.

They discuss:

Sherwin’s background:
Sherwin began his career at JP Morgan working on fixed income and equity derivatives. Later he managed a $200mm global hedge fund and founded two multi-national startups. Throughout his early career, Sherwin noticed how fragmented the global banking tech stack was. With 2–3 banking vendors in each country, startups require dozens of data sources in order to get a true, global view of their finances. With Jeeves, Sherwin has built the product he wished he had, a borderless business bank that has integrations for lending, payments, and deposits.

At Jeeves, Sherwin is looking to build international banking infrastructure from the ground up. He has high aspirations for the company’s future:

“We at Jeeves are building a solution that helps entrepreneurs build their own businesses and keep more ownership. I would like nothing more than for Jeeves to be the business bank of choice in the long run. The vision is to build a workflow solution on top of all the financial services that entrepreneurs want to or need to use in a non-dilutive way. If we can get out there with that solution all around the world, that would spell success.”

International Expansion:
Jeeves currently operates in Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Chile, the US, and the UK. Jeeves’ expansion plan is largely data-driven; in Mexico, the team saw rich underwriting data that could be used to provide faster, cheaper lines of credit, and integrations that allowed for Jeeves to quickly launch its model. With each new country, Jeeves has to compete against local incumbents and banks, but Sherwin has found that Jeeves’s workflow-based product and strong capitalization give it an edge in most markets. Furthermore, Sherwin has found that early-stage companies tend to be early adopters of new, innovative products. This allows Jeeves to get in on the ground floor and scale alongside its clients.

Fundraising and Hiring:
Jeeves has experienced a significant amount of growth since raising its seed round about 1 year ago. The company has now raised over $88mm in equity and $100mm in debt, allowing it to lend into different countries. As part of the Series B round, Sherwin also brought on a significant number of other founders as angel investors, including the founders of five Latin-American unicorns.

Finally, and most importantly, Jeeves is hiring! The team has open opportunities in the risk, finance, engineering, product, sales, and marketing departments. With over 100 people on the team and only 10 operating from within the U.S., Jeeves uses a fully distributed model, which helps mold the company’s DNA and allows the team to attract the best talent from around the world.


Sherwin Gandhi:

In 2019 Sherwin Gandhi founded Jeeves, which offers a suite of cross-border B2B financial services including payments, loans, and expense management software. In the past 14 months, Sherwin has raised $88mm of equity and $100mm of debt from Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, CRV, Tencent, Silicon Valley Bank, and other investors, while launching in over 20 countries and reaching a valuation of $500mm. Jeeves has thousands of customers globally and is nearing $10mm of revenue — and was recently named one of The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups to watch. At Jeeves, Sherwin is unlocking globalization by architecting the future of global business banking so that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses by having access to non-dilutive capital and true cross-border banking solutions.

Prior to Jeeves, Sherwin founded two companies and led go-to-market, finance, engineering, regulatory, and product at two unicorns — AppNexus and Viagogo. Before becoming a Silicon Valley founder, he was a trader and investment banker on Wall Street, where he issued $17bn of multicurrency fixed income and equity derivatives at JPMorgan and was a hedge fund manager of a $200mm global fund.


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