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Wharton Fintech Podcast 2020 Year in Review

As 2020 comes to a close, we bring you a special episode featuring our hosts, Miguel Armaza and Ryan Zauk.

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You will finally get to hear from the hosts themselves as they share:

  • Major trends they’ve seen after interviewing over 100 FinTech leaders
  • Some funny anecdotes & growing pains
  • The hyper-growth of Wharton FinTech
  • Tips on turning a podcast into a rocketship
  • Sneak preview at what’s ahead for 2021

Thank you to all of our listeners for your incredible support during this memorable year. We have great plans for 2021 to keep bringing you insights on the companies, founders, investors, and trends shaping financial services.



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Miguel Armaza

🎙Co-President/Podcast Host @WhartonFintech. Fintech investor @ Gilgamesh. 📚MBA/MA Candidate @Wharton/@LauderInstitute. Author of Fintech Leaders Newsletter✍️