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Ep.4 — Space

Commercializing the Galaxy with Robert Jacobson, author of Space Is Open For Business

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Space is the new Silicon Valley and Musk, Bezos and Branson are all competing to be the real life version of Tony Stark (nerds and their superheroes…). In fact, they’re all playing a new game of: My Rocket Ship is Bigger than Your Rocket Ship.

But, why the hell are we investing in space? Do we just plan on abandoning Earth like last week’s leftovers (I mean, how much turkey can you eat)? Where are we really in this quest to become space people? What are the potential tech and business applications that exist today and could be tomorrow? How do we not screw up space like we did earth (did no one watch The 100 and learn their lessons)????

Join us as we talk to the author of Space Is Open For Business, Robert Jacobson where he shares his views on the race to space and key opportunities like in-space manufacturing, space militarization (please don’t make a real life Death Star) and the reality that business in space is already here, today.

Today’s Guest: Robert Jacobson

Robert C. Jacobson is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and accomplished space industry enabler, advocate, and investor. Jacobson is the founder of Space Advisors, a strategic and financial consulting firm for space startups. His decade-plus of professional experience in NewSpace includes roles at Arch Mission Foundation, where he notably worked to initiate the first Solar Library (the payload famously launched in Elon Musk’s Tesla in 2018), and Space Angels (formerly Space Angels Network), the world’s first space-focused angel investment group. Jacobson is a graduate of University of Southern California.


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