Verizon Is AOL!

Oh hey! Winding down from the days news!

What we know

We know that Verizon has bought AOL for the sum of 4.4 billion dollars! They probably got so many AOL disks!

My Thoughts

I figure that it can’t be all bad! What might not be known is that AOL is no longer handing out floppy disks or CD’s! They now own Gizmodo, Engadget and Huffington Post. Some say that Verizon is buying AOL for specific reasons. The reasons I can see here is now they can make money both selling and reporting on phones. All companies are supposed to stay the same but nothing every stays 100% the same during these mergers.

Final Thoughts

It can’t be all bad, but I can understand why folks would be cautious, it is change. The only constant is change but not all change is good! Watch for the future!