What I Believe

Collection of articles on various topics explaining what I believe about the world, God, and myself.

Entrepreneurial Advice Nobody Gives You

You just have to go on a journey. Vital lessons every business person needs to learn.

Learning Above Everything Else

To create wealth you must create value to others. To create value to others you must learn.

A childcare crisis - Is sending your two year old child to school really the answer?

“Two year olds could spend entire days in primary school nurseries under…

My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter

But I don’t know what company I work for

I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is his son and died for my sins. I don’t go to church. I don’t want to go to church.

So, what am I? What do I call myself? A Christian?

I grew up in a Christian home. I went to church with my family for as long…

An Architecture of Thought

How studying to become an architect taught me to think about design

I learned two major lessons in my years in architecture school…

The New Interface

Designers have been debating about concepts and techniques since the dawn of man. But in my design career, digital design, the debates have never been more heated. I believe…


My family moved into an older house recently. We love the character of older houses. Sometimes that character manifests itself in things like a leaky toilet. While diagnosing the leak, I…

The Power of an Ad

I talk a lot about branding and how a brand is the perception a person has of a product, person, or company. That perception is created through things like advertising. The…

Equal and Open

This might confuse or anger some close friends and family, but I had to write it.

Having spent my first 32 years in Texas, I had a distinct…

The Woman Who Is My Country

She was already in tears when she walked into the waiting area. I caught sight of her as I was finishing up paperwork from the case before hers. She was fourth in line and I kept glancing up at her as I worked my way through the people in front of her.

Criers are hard to deal with. Most people who come into the office are upset and on the…

Stop Being Arrogant

The only way to win someone over in an argument is through humility and empathy. No one has ever been convincing through cruelty or arrogance.

I’m astounded at how people challenge bigoted and hateful people with bigotry and hate. They’re doing nothing but perpetuating the same vicious cycle. The only way to win someone’s heart over is through humility…

What I Believe
What I Believe

Collection of articles on various topics explaining what I believe about the world, God, and myself.

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