Take care of your words!

I had a bad misunderstanding with a close friend and a long discussion about communication. I always defended myself that I don’t have a huge vocabulary and I’m just too direct. That’s why people sometimes wrongly interpret my words.

However, when you talk, it’s intentional. You are fully aware and under control what you are speaking. It’s no excuse to blame missing words. Everything you say is a decision of yourself.

In comparison non-verbal communication just happens. Most of the time you are not aware what your hands or your face is doing. You can of course train it or suppress in some ways, but it usually just happens. You shouldn’t blame someone for their gestures or facial expressions, but for their words. Words are under full control.

Be sure you taste your words before you spit them out. Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose well.

2016, week #30 (part of my weekly lessons learned documentation)