Don’t Be Afraid of People Who Have Made It Big

You are not different from them.

Human beings are all alike.

We may look different, have different skin colors, speak in different languages, and live thousands of miles apart. But our basic human experiences are the same.

Every newborn cries at birth. We all want people to love and appreciate us. And we all eagerly wait for the day we will finally find “the one”.

Wherever we are. Whoever we might be. Climbing the ladder of success does not change this basic human make-up.

That’s why you should never be afraid of people who have made it big in life.

They are just as flesh-and-blood as you are. They have their pains and insecurities just as you do. And they crave love and appreciation just like you.

Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t put them on pedestals that make you believe you are less than them. And don’t stop yourself from reaching out.

“You do not get to make me extraordinary as an excuse not to succeed.”
— Lisa Nichols

People are people.

Big or small. Rich or poor. We are all the same.

Accept it. And don’t be afraid.

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