You Are Not Alone in Your Pain

We see the ones who have succeeded, and spiral into despair.

We see their shiny cars and big companies. Their yearly earnings and investments. Their reach in the world and the number of people following them. And we despair.


Is it because we are materialistic? Or is there something else underneath it all.

Money Has Got Nothing to do with Why We Want to be Rich

Here’s the truth: We only crave money and riches because that’s how society measures status. In fact, there’s a new metric now — how many social media followers you have.

The reason why we want to be rich (and own every symbol of status) is because we want our life to have meant something in the end.

We Want to Leave Our Mark on This World

We want a million people to cry the day we die. We want to know on our deathbeds that our lives meant something more than the houses we owned and the cars we drove. We want to have had an impact, a legacy, something to remember us by long after we are dead and gone. And so when we realize we don’t have any of it, we despair.

The pain of a meaningless life is great. It has claimed too many souls too young.

That’s why you need to know this: You are not alone in your pain.

Every Successful Person Was Once Someone Stuck in Despair

Lewis Howes lived on his sister’s couch for 2 years and battled depression due to his inability to even buy food for himself. Then he went on to create 2 seven-figure businesses and his extremely popular School of Greatness Podcast.

Lisa Nichols was dirt poor and lived on food stamps for a while before she became a world-famous name in the abundance industry and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Vishen Lakhiani was kicked out of work and found himself only able to rent an unwanted couch in a college student’s room before he created the Mindvalley Academy and revolutionized the scene of the online education experience.

Oprah Winfrey, Trevor Noah (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), J.K. Rowling, and even our very own Shaunta Grimes have all experienced extremely rough early years before they became successful. And that’s why they inspire people.

When you see them, you see their light and shine. You see the spotlight on them and the awesome things they have achieved in life. But it’s only when you hear their stories that they strike a chord deep in your heart.

These people faced adversities. They found themselves at the bottom of the pit. They despaired. And then they clawed their way out of the hell-hole.

They clawed out and owned their mud and pain. And they said, you can own it too.

Riches do not inspire people. What does is this story — if I could do it, so can you.

You are not alone in your pain.

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