What I learned from a Lean Startup Experiment.

My name is John Bysinger, and I have been trying to develop my lean-startup-fu to help launch my venture into starting a business related to electric vehicles. On my journey I was linked to Adam Berk’s Trello experiment aimed at teaching new entrepreneurs how to begin with a testable hypothesis, and then follow the customer through the use of interviews.

I started by submitting my first experiment and kept it somewhat simple to make sure I had a solid understanding of the components of what it took to build a ‘testable hypothesis’. My hypothesis went like this: I believe that I can prove that 10 of 50 Nissan Leaf owners who took my survey will agree to phone interviews about their range anxiety within 3 weeks. (linked here:https://trello.com/c/nGf6i9ts )

And here is what I learned. I learned that my understanding of building a hypothesis was correct, but that the application for Lean Startup was not. It had all the proper pieces, but in the context of Lean, it needed more; More meat, more challenge, more learning from the customer, and more commitment from the customer. Basically, getting someone who is already engaged to engage some more wasn’t much of a challenge. In fact, out of 55 people that took my survey, 43 agreed to continue the conversation. So in effect, all I really proved was customers who were willing to engage in a survey were willing to engage in a 2nd conversation.

So with all this in mind, I’m working on a new experiment on Trello that directly ties my interviews to building customer traction for my business. I have been scheduling interviews and starting to learn, I will report back on that experiment soon!