The Attitude Factor by Michael B. Hoffmann

Michael B. Hoffmann is the Managing Director at The Waldorf Astoria New York, where he is preparing his team of 1,500 associates for the forthcoming closure and restoration of this landmark hotel.

Are you aware of the influence your behavior has on the people around you and how it impacts your team, your business and ultimately your business results?

Your behavior through your presence, conduct and engagement has a direct effect on how your business executes and delivers on its promise. It also impacts how your teams represent your brand to the world, and how your company can achieve its goals.

Knowing the power of attitude, and the influence you can have, what can you do to make sure you rise to the occasion and make the most of any opportunity? How can you be the best and most productive version of yourself?

Through my experience, I realized that the key to set the day up for success was to begin each morning with a set routine. Now, that routine may be different for everyone, but the underlying premises are applicable to everyone.

Being at the top of your game every day is important for the success of yourself, your team and your business.

Executing the same routine every morning allows me to be engaged, focused and productive throughout the day, and motivate my teams to follow suit. Here is how I put my best foot forward every day:

· In my ever-changing daily life, I realized I have limited control of external factors. The most important aspect of having a productive day actually starts the DAY BEFORE.

Get a good night’s sleep. It may seem simple, but be sure to rest as long as your body/mind needs to get a head start on everybody else.

While recommended sleep times are 8 hours, some people require more sleep to be most effective, and others need less. You know what works for you.

· Robin Sharma dubbed the theory of “Mind over mattress”: when your alarm goes off, you have a choice to make. This theory is the second key for a successful day. Sharma explores the decision we all make to continue dozing, or get up and take full charge of your day. I set my alarm at 4:00AM, with a brief additional snooze until 4:15AM. By the second alarm, I choose mind over mattress. When I wake up, I am ready to take on my day and get started.

· Personally, getting a good workout in kicks off the day with an adrenaline rush that sets me up for success. Research shows that exercise leads to a release of dopamine, and can help counteract any toxins in your body and mind. The combination of endorphins and dopamine in the early hours of the day will help you cope with any challenges and confrontations you face during the day ahead. I also always try to conclude a good cardio workout with a series of stretching or yoga. In addition to helping avoid injury, stretching helps me to calm down and focus all of the renewed energy.

· They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I agree. Eat like a Champion. Every morning I make a breakfast parfait with Greek yogurt, fresh fruits/berries and nuts. Make sure you kick off your morning with a breakfast based on what you need to get your day off to the very best start possible. A balanced, healthy breakfast will stimulate your thinking, satisfy your needs and get your inner mojo going.

· Next, I always try to accomplish something. Do something for yourself. Write in a journal, read the paper, meditate, whatever it is. Your brain, fresh off the exercise, will allow you to focus, digest, and appreciate whatever it is you want to do, in a more productive and efficient way.

· Take advantage of your sharpened focus and set up your day. What are the 3 things you want to accomplish? When will you work on them? Block time on your calendar based on your meetings and calls. Move tasks that require focus to the early part of your day. Be sure to leave some time for surprises, and disruptors. No matter what job you have, or what your business requires, unexpected time-suckers will creep into your day.

· Finally, the secrets to getting this all done is to start small. Do one thing, and do it well, and then expand as you feel in control. Recognize the benefit of your routine on your attitude, your performance and your quality of life. Being able to kick-start a great day with a well-rested, focused, and energized spirit will allow you to maximize the challenges that lie in the day ahead and be most productive.

Once you have fine-tuned your routine to your needs and preferences, you will feel more prepared to take on challenges. I joke that I walk into work every day feeling like a “Spartan Warrior”: ready to cope with anything that comes my way. Your outlook on life may change, so be open and receptive. For example, conquering this routine allowed me to become more focused, and over time I became a better listener and more engaged as a boss.

Having a great attitude has unparalleled consequences on those around you. Setting a positive example will encourage others to follow your lead and take charge of their outlook on life.

In his commencement address to the graduating University of Texas class of 2014, Admiral William Craven states that in SEAL training you start your day by making your bed, because no matter what happens, you will have accomplished one thing. Success is many small accomplishments, done well.

Also if the rest of your day goes really poorly, at least your bed will be properly made on your return. A properly made bed lends itself to a great night’s sleep. And we all know what a great night’s sleep will do for the day ahead: another opportunity to be great again.

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Written by: Michael B. Hoffmann, the Managing Director at The Waldorf Astoria New York, where he is preparing his team of 1,500 associates for the forthcoming closure and restoration of this landmark hotel.
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