Dark Chat

Free your mind

When I was a kid, in India we used to experience rolling-blackout. They normally do this after dusk to save more electricity.

There is not a lot you can do in the dark besides talking to each other.

We got so used to this regular exercise from 8 — 9 p.m. that we started to huddle outside under the starlight and endlessly chat with each other about anything one can think of.

It was fun. But there is a difference I experienced when we sit with our friends and talk without seeing each other.

I found people being more open and brave in sharing their secrets and experience in the dark who otherwise were found to be a bit quiet.

Sometimes we even forget who is talking and directly engage more on the subject itself.

I think this happens because, in the light, we see things and our brain will process them. We pickup all the facial expressions which communicate the listener’s reactions towards your conversation. Especially when you make eye-contact.

That truly effects what you actually wanted to say. We sometimes stop sharing things for no obvious reasons. Your mind just tells you to hold it back.

Today, I lost that fun.

I do connect with my old friends. I could see them digitally inside a chat window in my cell phone and hear them through the speech bubbles!

But no worries! DarkChat brings your old-time experience in a Chat App.

It is pretty simple.

  1. You enter the chat room undercover.
  2. You will be given a new name and your real name will be hidden when the room is dark.
  3. Chat with your heart.
  4. If you are curious to know who is who, light a candle
  5. If more than half of your friends agree, room lights up! BAM!

Same issue goes when you want to post on your Facebook timeline. You hold back what you really want to share when all your friends and relatives are watching you. Sometimes you badly want to write something..

What if you have a choice of posting your secrets on the wall and your friends don’t see who shared it. But you know they saw it?

We enabled anonymous posting on the wall in a controlled review setup to moderate for a better browsing experience.

Here it is. Get it from iTunes. Coming to google play in a few weeks.

In dark, you say what you really want to say.