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Why We Invested in Foresight Mental Health

Wow! I mean, seriously, what a ride it’s been. From West Point to the Army, then to Vanderbilt for my MBA and Wall Street for almost seven years. Twenty-five venture investments over three years…followed by addiction treatment (rehab) in mid-2018. I’m happy to finally get back on the venture investing horse.

What If Ventures is a syndicate of investors that was created out of a sense of purpose. Our mission is to improve the human condition by funding startups that tackle the most important problem set in the largest market on the planet. Our goal is to…




Investing in early stage mental health and addiction solutions

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Stephen Hays

Stephen Hays

Stephen Hays, Founder of What If Ventures www.whatif.vc a mental health focused venture capital fund and host of the Stigma Podcast.

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