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Marilyn Glover
What Is Love To You?
2 min readMar 15
Enigma illustration features a woman with long blonde hair and purple lipstick shrouded in purple. She looks down, longing for her true love. The background is a pale blue sky with clouds, and a touch of magical light strikes the ends of her hair, indicating hope is in the air.
Woman shrouded in mystery-text to photo image-created by the author with CanvaDesign

People look at me
But no one sees —
Me, myself, and I
I pray and pray; Oh, God, please
Please, will someone recognize
Recognize the music in my heart
Heart to heart, a silent squeeze
Squeezing the gap of separation
Separation from the one called —
He’s the one, someone, somewhere
Somewhere, feeling as I do right now
Now and then, he feels at ease



Marilyn Glover
What Is Love To You?

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