Let me fall

The winter calls

Image by the Awkward Yeti — Nick Seluk on Facebook

What if I say, every time I steal a glance

you take my breath away; buzzing the trumpets of my heart

reverberating my bones, lost in the sound of you

music pumping mellow harps, listen to the chords of my heart

O mind, why are you lounging with gossamer of doubts

I need my gut, to lobby me out of this predicament

how is one to decide if one is pulled in three different directions

a tug-of-war — if I fall, do I win or do I lose it all?

when will my mind, gut and heart be in sync

the heart wants what the heart want but what if that’s not my call

the gut is never satisfied, justifying maybe, my downfall— what if I don’t want to be right, I want to be loved

let the heart take the fall for this one, I know mind, you’ll say: ‘ I warned you so, I told you to think before you speak’

I know the gut will say: ‘Remember that feeling when you feel knots in the stomach, no they are not butterflies or mice running in circles, neither you are in love nor hungry’, It’s me, my warning call’

I’ll let the heart decide this time, let me say it all and see how far I fall

I know if I fall, my mind and gut will be waiting to pick me up so let me risk it all, this winter calls

if I fall, let me fall in love, once and for all!

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

© Dazzling Shene 2021



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Dazzling Shene

Dazzling Shene

A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~MBA ~2 X Top writer in Poetry