Poetry, Love, Spring

She Speaks To Me

Shiloh, Vernal Equinox

Photo of woodland At Fort Drum, New York. Trees and river area.
Photo- Fort Drum woodlands courtesy of the author, M. G.

A winding trail takes me home
Lead by Mother Earth’s calling, I follow
Magic unfolds in barren woods
Naked trees never blushing
Budding in self-display
Savannah Sparrows flitting treetops
A gentle breeze rustles woodland sleepers
In silence, I awaken, then all to a hush
She speaks to me; Shiloh
Vernal Equinox, the return of Spring…




I don’t have the answer, but I have experiences and would like to share them with you, but will you share yours with me?

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Marilyn Glover

Marilyn Glover

I am a top writer in parenting; passionate about poetry spirituality, and travel. Domestic abuse survivor. mailto:gmarilyn009@gmail.com

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