Love, Relationships

Showing Love


A couple is outside. Both have dark hair and the weather is sunny. The woman is lying down on a picnic table and smiling. The man is sitting on the bench and leaning over, kissing her on the cheek. They are holding hands.

Words are weak
Actions speak
Shuffle, tweak
A new technique

Uttered cries
Become lies
When opened eyes
Stare blank replies

I say not to gast
But love won’t last
If affection’s past
Slow, fades to fast

The spoken word
Needs measures; heard?
Broken lines; pot is stirred
Taints a photo; vision blurred

Soft-spoken lips
Sun, moon; eclipse
Love loses grips
On just…



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Marilyn Glover

Marilyn Glover


Top writer; Parenting, This Happened To Me. Passionate about poetry and spirituality. Dual citizen; domestic abuse survivor. Mail to