The End of Our World.

It Happened

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

When we first made contact, a world was created
It was so pleasant, so peaceful..
I’d never experienced anything like it
Vulnerability had come almost instantly; we were in sync from the start
It wasn’t forced; it just… became and blossomed from there
We calmed each other with just a few words
We sensed when something was off with the other without them saying anything at all
We spent hours peaking into each other’s souls behind love songs
Sharing our insecurities and life experiences up until that point
Maximizing the level of intimacy
We finished each other’s sentences, very similar thoughts and dreams
You shared your love for romance through films that we’d watch after work
Sending quotes and images you’d see online that perfectly captured those intimate moments, the things you found beauty in
I read passages from books to you until you fell asleep
I created fiction stories for you to read that you genuinely enjoyed
You loved my mind; you called me beautiful
Your touch felt like you’d known me before
The same for you..
You loved me in the way that I needed to be loved
Your tarot readings that you listened to religiously referenced me more often than not..
Everything just felt “right”
Like it was destiny for you and I to cross paths and “be”
Until internal conflict and uncertainty filled the room
The many worlds that we created after first discovering this one had been infiltrated by foreign invaders, and doubts
We started to act out of those feelings of uncertainty, and what was once sacred and safe had begun to crumble before us
There were tears, many of them
An understanding that this place was not as stable as it once was
We agreed to enjoy each other until the end
Then I was the first to leave our worlds
You stayed as everything had started to break into pieces; memories, emotion
Large rock had floated into the darkness of space
You didn’t intend on ending with the planet; you just didn’t know where you’d go from there
You allowed yourself to float into the same darkness that our world was swallowed into
You were hurt badly but decided that it was best to numb the pain
Unsure and afraid of what awaited you, you accepted this reality
Face to face with the end, our apocalypse




I don’t have the answer, but I have experiences and would like to share them with you, but will you share yours with me?

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Shawn Newsome. | My stories are a combination of my life’s experiences, the experiences of others, and the things that come to mind.

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