Tommaso Di Bartolo interviewing Silicon Valley AngelList Investor Ross Uchimura

Angel Investor Insights

For the first 11 years & 2 startups I founded, run and exited, I didn’t raise any $$$ at all. I was simply “very lucky” to be confronted with tremendously challenging times, that put me in a position to choose only from 2 things: A) we either would have started making revenues — or B) we would have ☠ (!) died. I went for A. At cloudplace and now at swaaag (my startups #3 + #4), fundraising was always part of the plan, but NEVER the purpose. Funding is a necessity and not a goal! Because this and many other funding related questions are often misunderstood from upcoming entrepreneurs — on my mission to share what it takes to be a startup entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, I had the great pleasure to interview Silicon Valley AngelList Investor Ross Uchimura, to discuss angel investment insights.

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Ross’ has been in finance his entire career and investing in startups since the first tech bubble. Based in Silicon Valley, Ross is an active AngelList investor focused on — but not limited to: fintech, tech cannabis, real estate and edu tech.

In a couple minutes of your time watching the video, you can expect to hear / learn about:

  • What sparks an angel investor’s interest
  • Why the team makes or breaks it
  • What are founder’s key attributes angel investor’s want to see
  • Why acting partly open doesn’t lead anywhere
  • Why team behavior is crucial
  • An Investment use case
  • Description of a great CEO & her team he invested in
  • Investment preferences
  • Why a startup Ross invested in took off
  • When is a due diligence easy
  • How to approach angel investors best
  • Why and what Angel Groups to consider
  • What to prepare to pitch to an angel investor
  • Syndications and its importance throughout angel investors
  • Communication advice
  • What turns angel investors off
  • When is a deal intriguing
  • Key reason why angel investors turn down deals

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