Tommaso Di Bartolo interviewing Tom O’Malley

From an exit during high school to Fortune 500 customers.

On my mission to share with others what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the Innovation Mecca called Silicon Valley, I had the pleasure to chat with Tom O’ Malley, Founder & CEO at Convetit in Menlo Park / Palo Alto. “Because of the density of Startups here, there is more probability of serendipity” aka when someone accidently (=luck) finds something good unexpectedly … but, you need to fail and fail over again before one succeeds!

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Tom is an entrepreneur with an exit in his younger age during his senior high years … which was only the beginning of his entrepreneurial career. He lives in Silicon Valley is married and father of two daughters. Since Tom founded Convetit, the uber for consulting — he’s rocking Fortune 500 companies.

In a couple minutes of your time watching the video you can expect to hear / learn about:

  • How to have an exit as a senior high
  • What is an: uber for consulting
  • Why are Unicorns killing Dinosaurs
  • The Simple, Rapid, Easy — value proposition
  • How to win Fortune 500 customers
  • Fail One Million times while honeying your message
  • Discover your target person / micro target group
  • Multi stakeholder sale
  • Why focus on the “why” & the “need” one is solving is crucial
  • Why a team is built over years
  • Just involved vs. committed people
  • Pivot multiple times before getting it right
  • You get what you deserve
  • The more down the line (= mature), the better people a startup wins
  • What are sources to find a phenomenal team
  • Why doing something meaningful matters most
  • Sacrifice and a lot of work
  • Fundraising in B2B
  • Reach your goals and raise subsequently
  • Focus on your prios in your current quarter
  • Why Silicon Valley
  • How to find Angel investors and Advisors in Silicon Valley
  • Why the environment you work in is key
  • If you focus on the journey you never fail

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