Renaissance & Silicon Valley

What’s the common denominator between Silicon Valley and the “Renaissance”? Give it a few thoughts!! What was the Renaissance back in the time? How has that period back then marked the world? Let’s drop a couple of names you might have heard of:

  • Michelangelo: sculptor, painter and architect
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath
  • Machiavelli: writer, historian, diplomat and humanist
  • Galileo: Creating one of the first modern telescopes and revolutionized our understanding of the world supporting the work of Copernicus
  • William Shakespeare: English poet and playwright

Right, Renaissance was what Silicon Valley is today for innovation, culture, products and inventors! The world was pointing to a single spot on earth where the greatest inventors, writers, doctors, etc. were experimenting, failing and changing the world!

Today Silicon Valley is attracting the strongest dreamers to change the world out of Tech-Mekka. Silicon Valley thou is NOT a geographical region! Silicon Valley is an environment!As such — it doesn’t matter if you were born along El Camino Real, nor in New Jersey or elsewhere. We are ALL immigrants to the environment first, as long as we don’t become an asset to it.

You can either a) just keep on observing the crazy cool stuff that’s happening here in Silicon Valley, or b) you jump into the SV pool and start being part of it.

Life changing journey

If you decide to be a Silicon Valley player — it doesn’t help you just reading it. Put an influential / experienced Advisory Board together that will share lessons learned and accompany on an amazing trip. Be aware that you’ll go through 8 Phases before you can claim that you are an asset to the environment.


  • Renaissance and Silicon Valley have similarities
  • Silicon Valle is NOT a geo-location BUT an environment
  • Influential and Experienced Advisors help you navigate

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