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Whatsapp and Paytm are clearly missing the mark on SMB enablement beyond communication and payments

What next for both these apps to penetrate deeper into the Indian market?

Paytm is clearly India’s first super app. And Whatsapp on the other hand is now clearly an essential for millions of Indians.

One enables the quickest point of sale, usable even by someone who can’t read or write. The other enables the widest range of conversations on all possible devices between people, even those who can’t read or write!

I think one of the possible answers lies in the phrase ‘Cataloging for active income.’

I know I’ve tried to pen this down before. But I don’t get how both apps seem unfocused on the matter.

Sure both platforms, enable people to buy and sell. But they aren’t enabling people to do this in a planned manner.

I thought previously that this was possible by enabling people to book appointments or slots through both apps and enabling a business to book business. But then it struck me…

At the moment of truth, a booking is an estimation of sale. And if that’s true, isn’t a sale an estimate of business?

Imagine if an SMB business can make a small sellers catalogue of 20 items on their page. Each with its own payment link for a designated amount. A business could set it up as payment for a product, a service, a package or whatever they need.

Fixed pricing and cataloguing help not only define the price but also booking the same via payment. It's like looking at the menu before giving an order at an restaurant. Sometimes we just look, sometimes we place an order, and other times still it helps us make up our minds about if the place is for us.

I think if a business type page can enable this much on either apps, other things can easily be solved for.

Line messenger (a super app) in APAC enables businesses to set up a free e-commerce shop via their business accounts that can be used to pay for anything! (Anything legal)

And then, both these apps, that SMB business owners use the most to communicate and take payments from their customers hasn’t been able to come up with this solution?

Especially in a market like India where the audience already knows how to get creative with usage. But with no wiggle room, how dost one enables them to do more?

Fixed price cataloguing has its own merits, something that open price payments via a single QR code cannot solve for. Especially when a business has to lean on other apps and mediums to conduct the full cycle of business from start to finish.

What do you think about this idea? Drop your comments below and let me know?



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