Dumpster Fire

Every day, every single day, Donald Trump says something even dumber, more controversial, incendiary, insensitive and dangerous than the day before. He is making a mockery of our coveted and revered political process and we are allowing it to happen.

This contest is not, and should not be considered, a referendum on Hillary Clinton and whether or not the 30-year propaganda machine against her has taken hold. Rather, it should be a simple question of fitness for office and there is but one candidate in the race with the experience, temperament, and knowledge, skills and ability for the job. That person is resoundingly Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, we have a narcissistic 70-year billionaire dumbing down the electorate. His candidacy has completely and utterly bastardized the political process. Where there should be debates and exchanges on differences in policy, there are soundbites of hateful and divisive rhetoric. Where there should be open and frank discussions regarding important issues facing our country, there are baseless accusations and unfounded claims.

Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy is unprecedented. It has ripped the Band-Aid off an infected sore of hatred and bigotry in America. The divisive and inflammatory language threatens our very core. Whatever happens on November 8th, 2016, we will be left as a country torn apart by a vicious and ugly election cycle.

His colossal ego aside, he is the most unqualified candidate in modern history. Students of business will recognize the Trump candidacy as the Peter Principle in practice. That is the elevation of an individual to a position beyond his capabilities. It is painful enough to have to deal with it in various organizations, but for the highest office in the land, no. We have already done this, at least once, in recent history (I’m looking at you George W.), and look where that got us.

The GOP establishment continues to waffle and waiver indecisively. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan continues his support, though it is anything but unconditional. Primary rival Marco Rubio declares him to be a con man, but says we have a binary election and he chooses Trump. Many more of the Republican guard remain conspicuously silent on the matter.

And so, the dumpster fire that is the 2016 presidential election cycle rages on unabated.