Yep, Still Angry

One week ago today, the American people elected an openly racist and bigoted man to be the 45th President of the United States. Yesterday was the first day I did not cry. Honestly, the thought never occurred to me that so many of my fellow countrymen and countrywomen would not find his hateful rhetoric so offensive as to be disqualifying. Now the rest of us must suffer through, at least, four years, of a bleak landscape.

Each day, I awaken and hope I just had a nightmare. Slowly, though, the realization sinks in and I have to force myself to get up and face the angry world, once again. I despise the man and everything he stands for with every fiber of my being. I dread the smug, self-satisfied looks on the faces of those of you who voted for him. I mean this seriously, as I get a sour feeling in my stomach looking at him and those who voted for him.

I have avoided social media, for the most part, as it is merely now a purveyor of fake news and political propaganda that both sides cling to in order to bolster their own self-righteous beliefs. It is not fun anymore. I changed all my profile pics to black and I am sporting my safety pin proudly. I am not sure it will ever be the same for me. I unfriended, unfollowed and blocked so many people during the last month, I do not even know how to go forward with them. I want to once again see vacation trips, school pictures, what you had for dinner and how your workouts are going. I never thought I would say that.

I have had some friends and family reach out to me, though not many. I guess they are riding that wave of their sanctimonious win and/or truly do not understand what electing someone like him represents for those of us in marginalized, disenfranchised groups. Well, I will tell you how we feel, collectively. We feel scared and apprehensive and those feelings are not likely to go away anytime soon. Unbelievably, I have gay & lesbian friends who, for whatever fucked up reasons I will never understand, cast their vote for the GOP. You people do realize that the majority of Republicans hate you, right? You get that their platform is entirely antithetical to your way of life. They, literally, do not want to serve you pizza or bake you a cake. I hope you sleep well at night with the comfort of knowing you rejected the most qualified presidential candidate in the modern era, simply because you bought into the alt-right propaganda machine that has been churning out lies and misinformation about the Clintons for almost 30 years now. I get that she is not all that likeable. She lacks the charisma of her husband or President Obama, but you know what she could do.…. keep us from having to learn fucking Russian.

Being in one of the reddest states in the confederacy, er um, country, I am now a little confused. Does South Carolina now get to openly and proudly display the Confederate Flag once again or are we going to pretend we are not a state full of racist haters? Let me know. I’ll wait….

It is a world which I see and feel through an entirely different lens than I did one week ago. His mere popularity during the campaign and yuge rallies throughout the country should have given me pause, but sadly it did not. I had more faith in humanity than it seems they deserved. For the last year, the LGBTQ community and supporters have chanted the mantra Love Wins. Apparently, we were wrong, because the electorate has shown us that, in fact, hate trumps love. Congratulations, folks!

Yeah, I am still angry. And that anger is unlikely to diminish anytime soon.

His presidency has a great task ahead, for which I am entirely convinced, he is completely and utterly unprepared (I mean, did you see the look on his face after he met with Obama?). He had no fucking idea this was a full-time position. I am fairly certain he would be unable to pass a junior high level civics course. He has demonstrated an unprecedented disinterest, blatant disregard and basic unpreparedness for the highest position in the land. That, to me, is embarrassing. He did not expect to win. And that travesty, we the American people, née the world, must pay for and reconcile ourselves with in the coming days, months and years.

This was my attempt not to use the name of he who shall not be named, much like Lord Voldemort.

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