I Know We’ve Been Conditioned for Misery, Husker Fans, but Take a Moment and Enjoy the Homecoming of Scott Frost

Take a moment, Nebraska fans.

Just hit the pause button on your mental DVR.

For a lot of Husker Nation, you’re old enough you might need to hit the pause button on your mental DVD player. For some of you, those perplexedly Googling what those are from your 8th generation iPhone, those do still exist.

In a season rife with rampant overanalyzation and the digital chain-smoking of 2017 Twitter angst: take a moment to pull your fingernails out of your mouth where you’ve been mill-grinding them since early September and catch your breath.

No, your eyes are not failing you.

Yes, your ears are still functioning.

(via the Lincoln Journal Star)

Something has, indeed, gone right for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. And, it has gone right in the macro, big picture sense. This isn’t just a good play during a bad game or a victory in a lost season. This is a shift in the current. This is a chance for a program and a fervent fanbase to stop thumbing aimlessly through chapter after chapter of muddled disagreement and start reading again from the same page.

We wanted Scott Frost.

We got Scott Frost.

That first statement was a given, that second was certainly not. But Nebraska, somehow going against all the avalanching downward momentum, finally had something go our way. Finally picked the right athletic director who made the right hire who made the tough, but correct choice for his career.

This hire isn’t necessarily going to be proven to be a cure-all — at least not immediately — and, in spite of Orlando alchemy Frost shouldn’t be expected to be King Midas. But, this is what should happen. For him and for us.

And make no mistake: this isn’t me dancing on the tombstone of Mike Riley’s tenure at Nebraska. No. He was a good man who did many good things. But, he coached his way out of the job, the same way Frost coached his way in. The boy from Wood River earned this start the same way Riley earned his finish.

(Via the Omaha World-Herald)

This isn’t the same as the blind nepotism of Frost merely being a “Nebraska Guy”, nor is it the wild flailing of a drowning administration shooting off flairs into the dark of night seeking help from anyone with a lifeboat. This was the right move, and the right time to make it. It was the right coach, and the coach we wanted. It was a strong move that somehow seemed to come from a position of power, even though our on-field product has rarely been weaker.

In short? Damn it, if we didn’t get lucky.

So watch the press conference today and let yourself enjoy the chaser to this shot-of-Barton’s season we just slugged down. If you’re still here, after this desert? You’ve earned a brief moment in the oasis. And, yes, it will be a little too elated. And, yes, people around here will inevitably kneejerk react so hard they’ll blow out a digital ACL.

But, I ask you this: why not have a little freaking fun with it?

I get it. We’re beaten down. We’re haggard and battered and virulently pessimistic. But for once, Murphy and his damn law swung at us and we dodged it like a quarterback deftly faking the pitch and keeping it during a triple option. So when Bill Moos steps to the podium and pulls a burly rabbit out of his hat: don’t try to figure out if it’s a white-tailed jackrabbit or a desert cottontail, just enjoy the magic.

There will be months to overthink things. Hours and days and weeks of non-football for us to hop on the treadmill of breathless speculation. Today we get a hallpass to talk about the 1990’s. Today the quarterback of our nostalgia is getting back under center and running the offense again. Nebraska fans are nothing if not nerds for our past football teams and today Comic Con is coming to town.

Dont worry about adjustment periods or recruits jumping ship or the defense under Frost at UCF. Just enjoy it.

I will be right there geeking out with you.

Welcome home, Coach.