mBeat Gorilla Power Review

For those with multiple power-hungry devices, the mBeat Gorilla Power can out a mighty 6.8 A (34W) across four ports. Two of the connections are able to do 2.4 A fast charging for tablets, whiel the other two ports are usual 1A. The Gorilla Power comes with four different click-in-click-out power adapters, for use in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. The clip system is reasonably secure and easy to use.

Tests showed the unit happily supplying the rated amperage, even with all ports in use. The longer but skinny design does not impact the nearby plugs(and has a lip for recessed plugs), but won’t fit in tight spots.

The USB ports themselves are a touch close together, but easily accessible. They are also well built, and plugging in is very smooth. The charger has an idle power draw of under 0.3W, so won’t meaningfully contribute to your bill when not in use. Best of all, the mBeat charger can be for under $30 online.

Critical Specs

2 x 2.4A, 2 x 1A Ports; 6.8A 34W max output; AUS, US, UK, and EU plugs.

Originally Published in TECHlife.

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