Lemmings, Canonical and Roaming

Today the marketing team talked about Lemmings…

in particular the Lemming myth and is similarity to sharing on social media.

Legend has it that lemmings are so devoted to their group mentality that they will even commit mass suicide (thank you disney).

Which turned out to be only a legend.

While lemmings do jump of cliffs, population fluctuations are instead due to their extraordinary ability to rapidly reproduce. Lemmings reproduce at a rapid enough rate to cause chaos to their own population cycle.

Nils: The Gaurdian US and the Gaurdian UK have identical content on the tech pages. But importantly they canonicalised it right.

Charlotte: What canonical linking is and how it is important for SEO searches. Canonicalising something helps your site gets “internet juice” and jump up on a google search. You can search how a page is canonicalised by

  • right clicking to view source code
  • searching for the word canonical cmd s

for example:

the url to the right of canonical is where all the precious juice is going

We also learnt about the many and various different ways you can work remotely in an excellent article written by Mariana Pereira Buitrago. In particular unique solutions such as Roam and the Wifi Tribe.

Travel the World While you Keep Working: Digital Nomads and Co-Working Trends

Summery Berlin weather
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