How Should Sports Be Watched?

Do you prefer sitting on your couch watching your favorite sports team on the TV? Or do you like to be on the sideline? Well imagine if you could have both! Major companies and organizations such as BBC, NFL, and other professional sports leagues are starting to research ways to bring VR to the forefront of sports entertainment.

What is VR?

It’s essentially using computers to create a 3D version of an event that allows you to feel like you’re their. Like reading a book or watching a movie you’re submerged into another world while sitting in your home. For those of you who haven’t played Madden through a VR headset I highly recommend it. You feel like you're Tom Brady on the field the only difference is you’re not having lineman hurting you.

Virtual Reality failed to get momentum in the 90's due to a lack of technological advances. As of a few years ago VR made a comeback with headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. Mostly used for video games as of right now, the sport industry is starting to dabble in this new technology.

What will sports be like?

For all major sports the general consensus right now is to give you every perspective possible all from the comfort of your couch. Giving those who cannot travel hundreds of miles just to travel game or who can’t afford to get those court side seats.

The first large scale VR coverage of an event happened during the Olympics in Rio by broadcasting networks like NBC and BBC. These were a good first few steps but it showed the limitations that we’re struggling with currently. They had a very select number of events that were supported by VR headsets, and even the ones they did have weren’t released for days after the event took place.

If we can improve technology and be able to watch events live then VR would be an awesome new way to watch our favorite teams. There are a few pressing questions that need to be answered before VR will ever be successful:

How is VR convenient if you want to watch a game with someone? Will everyone have to wear a headset?

Personally I don’t believe I will ever get into wearing a headset over my face HOURS just so I can get a better view of the game. This technology might lead to new ideas and inventions we haven’t even dreamed of yet.


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