Sustaining Progress on Economic Mobility During COVID-19

Lessons learned from the recent WWC Economic Mobility initiative virtual convening

Read on for four key takeaways from the virtual convening.

1: Despite COVID-19 challenges, cities can and are making progress in helping their residents — even with the need for expedited decision making and learning.

2: Investing in fundamental data skills and evidence-building is always hard. The payoff, however — particularly during times of crisis — can be extraordinary, and well worth the ongoing investment.

3: Learning from experts and peers about efforts to advance economic mobility helps spur new ideas and accelerate change.

4: Last, and perhaps most importantly — If local government and community partners want to advance economic mobility, they must center their work around racial equity for Black, Indigenous, Latinx and all people of color.



Launched in April 2019, the What Works Cities Economic Mobility Initiative supports cities as they develop, pilot, and measure the success of programs that are designed to accelerate economic mobility for residents.

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What Works Cities

Helping leading cities across the U.S. use data and evidence to improve results for their residents. Launched by @BloombergDotOrg in April 2015.