5 Tips before you Quit your Job and Start your Business in 2018

My book ” What You Know About Startups Is Wrong: How to Navigate Entrepreneurial Urban Legends That Threaten Your Relationships, Your Health, Your Finances, and Your Career” is due out January 2018.

1. Develop a support system. Startups are hard. Not just business coaches, but family, spiritual and physical coaches. It’s a great time to find things like meditation, breathwork, yoga, bible study etc. whatever works for you.

2. Be realistic with your family/friends and set the right expectations. Either around work hours, expense tightening, etc.

3. You will put your personal credit at risk. Make sure it is in order while you are still working. Business loans without personal risk do not exist.

4. Start your business as a “side hustle”. Startups are hard. It always takes at least twice as long.

5. The biggest risk in a startup are your relationships and reputation. Sometimes protecting them will cost you money.

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