Hey, What Happened To The Web Site?

Dave Warner
Sep 18, 2018 · 2 min read

As you might have noticed, What You Pay For Sports has undergone a rather sudden transformation.

This is the unfortunate result of a malware attack on the original WordPress site and an unfortunate bit of “protection” offered by my soon-to-be-former web hosting service, Bluehost, and their partner Sitelock, who dug so deep into the site that I became unable to salvage the site as it was to move it to a different web host.

Moving the blog to Medium is an attempt to salvage the content I’ve written for this site without having to fight with WordPress or give these companies any more of my money.

It’s also the result of What You Pay For Sports undergoing a rather long hiatus this year. While cable TV as a vehicle for funneling boatloads of money into major sporting leagues remains a topic worthy of discussion, it’s one in which I’ve lost some interest in the last year or so. ESPN is under enough of a microscope from other, much larger media outlets these days, and I feel that I have much less to add to the discussion now. People who follow the topic have a much better understanding of how this game works now. Perhaps I’ve done my part in shining a light on this topic, and it’s time for me to move on.

In the meantime, I will do my best to preserve the original app — which was written by Robert Fischer, a good friend and excellent coder — and keep it updated on the home page. The source code will remain available for those who want to play around with it. I’ve done my best to preserve what I’ve written here on Medium, though there will certainly be some dead links and such left to clean up in the coming weeks. (Feel free to let me know about them.)

It’s been an interesting ride. Perhaps I will jump back on it soon if the mood strikes me. In the meantime, follow my Twitter accounts — @whatupay4sports and @daveslounge — to find out what I’m doing next.

What You Pay For Sports

Major sports leagues earn BILLIONS of dollars every year.

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