Artist of The Month — August ‘15

My eye, heart and soul. It may sound so egocentric, but I’m inspired by my inner soul and how it perceives the world around me. — mariusviethstreetphotography

I’m Marius Vieth, 27 year old fine art photographer focused on street photography. I was born and raised in Germany, moved to the Netherlands when I was 18 and now I’m traveling the world to capture golden moments.

You’ve got a lot of awards (21 International Awards, that is stunning!) and listed in numerous publications as inspiring photographer. How long is the process to get ‘there’?

Two years of taking photos of everything around me being lost and not being able to express myself. Two more years to find my niche and forge my signature so much that it stands out. So it took me 4 years from my first cam to living off it as an artist.

You are also a founder of Neoprime. Why do you start it?

I founded NEOPRIME because I wanted to offer uprising fine art photographers the support and conditions they deserve and not another art dealer or gallery that rips them off.

How does it feel to have “the guts”?

I love when people ask me that, because to me it’s brave to not take risks in life and go all in. You only got one life and you shouldn’t spend it in your comfort zone thinking about what could’ve been. Find out, fail, stand up again, fail again, stand up again and win!

Is there a moment that you feel like, “That’s it. I’m done.” How do you overcome with such situation?

Well, I had that moment with so many jobs and things I did. But never with photography after I found my passion called street photography. However, after 2 years I wanted to give up, because I couldn’t find myself and it felt useless and soulless. But I wanted to go out with a bang. So i took a leap of faith, started a 365 project and it changed my life! You can find all information about it on my website under “my story”.

You have travelled around the world, quit your 9 to 5 job, become a founder, is there something else you wish to do? Why?

Well, I want to do so many things in my life. I want to start an online academy for photographers, I’m about to launch my own clothing brand for creative souls and I want to start a charity somewhere down the road. Just too many project I’d like to start. And I want to have a pug! And I will.

I love the composition in your photos. What is your most favorite tone of photo?

Tone of photo? Do you mean tone as in colors? Then I love warm and cold colors in the same photo or warm colors. I love the contrast. But I always prefer warm tones to cold ones.

What is the best city for street photographer?

Your city not matter where it is and how big it is. You can create amazing photograph everywhere! Most of my award-winning photos have been captured in rather ugly places.

Do you consider yourself as a social media addict? Well, you have so many channels to provide people the access to your works. How do you see social media in future in the perspective of art appreciation and distribution?

I don’t really see myself as a social media addict, but I see the necessity of it and it’s fun. The more you’re active on social media, the more you are out there being present. I think for artists this is highly important nowadays.

Where people can see your art or exhibition?

Right now my exhibition in London is over, but you’ll be able to see my art at the end of this year or beginning next year in Marrakesh, Morocco. Or you can just go to and check out my photography there.

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