What this means to me, Building NMAAHC Mobile Application

For the last three months my company Clearly Innovative Inc has been working with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to create a mobile application to utilize within the museum but also to extend the boundaries of the museum beyond the physical space to those who cannot make the trip to Washington DC. The application, available on IOS and Android provides support for English, Spanish and French in the initial release. The mobile application allows the user access to curated content of select pieces from the museum. The content is presented as stories around the pieces including audio content, video content and links to related stories, exhibits and external items from the Smithsonian collection that is not included in the application

As a small minority owned business in the technology sector, closing a large client like the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture is a huge win, and hopefully through hard work and a successful product launch this solution will lead to additional work. As a African-American this means so much more based on the current affairs in this country and the narrative regarding lack of diversity in technology and questions around capabilities of minority companies in this space.

I am proud of the work the Clearly Innovative team has accomplished. I am hopeful the work demonstrates what we are capable of doing if given the opportunity. I hope we can be an example to kids considering a career in technology and transitioning from tech consumers to tech creators… being a role model in our own way.

Please checkout the application and read more about it here on Clearly Innovative Inc’s website

Download IOS NMAAHC Mobile Experience

Download Android NMAAHC Mobile Experience