Where to go When:

For Adventure Seekers

When and where to catch your new adventure — I compiled top voted recommendations from What’s It Like contributing travelers.

Thrill Seeking in January, in Socotra island, Yemen
Best weather and conditions for island wide expeditions, motorbike adventures. whatsitlikeapp.com
Thrill Seeking in June, in Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler, Canada
Perfect for summer time glacier skiing — sun is shining, the lakes are warm, and you can still ski! whatsitlikeapp.com
Surfing in April, in Pichilemu, Chile
Catch the longest left of your life on one of the many point breaks at Chile’s surf capital. whatsitlikeapp.com
Natural Wonders in July, in Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil
Experience the natural phenomena and surreal landscape of lagoons appearing between white sand dunes after the wet season. whatsitlikeapp.com
Photo: Michael Foley
Thrill Seeking in November, in Antarctica
Summer, which means the temperature is around -14 to even +4 C. Would recommend taking the “budget” tour skipping Dec/Jan. whatsitlikeapp.com
Photo: Miguel Albrecht

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