5 Website audit tools to improve your search ranking — e-Why, What & How

Without a good structure & careful SEO targeting, Website owners will languish in the abyss of marginal traffic & zero growth. Basically, Websites need organic traffic to flourish & this type of traffic is hard to get.

A Site needs to tick all the SEO, performance & accessibility boxes to rank well. These include, but are not limited to :

  1. Load quickly (in under 2 seconds).
  2. Have a non-duplicated title (of 60 characters or less) & a description(150 characters or less) on each page in the head of the document.
  3. Have header tags, such as H1 & H2 on every page & they must appear in descending order.
  4. Have a balance of elements, such as text & images on pages.
  5. Have no broken links.
  6. Makes good use of valid keywords.
  7. Have a large enough font & sufficient contrast between the text & background.
  8. Have correctly sized & optimized images.

So, how do you ensure that your Website meets these standards, especially if it’s a big Site? The answer is to use Website auditing tools, which crawl your site & produce an error report so that you can fix issues.

Free & from $99/month

Ahrefs’ Website audit produces an extremely detailed report on hundreds of necessary & suggested good practices to follow. The tool has a new free option, which crawls 10 000 pages of your Site & sends you a monthly report on errors that are discovered, which include all items on the SEO list above, & many, many others. Ahrefs also makes less obvious improvement suggestions such as keyword optimization techniques, & speed & backlink strategies.

These guys have a massive database, which they employ to tell you where you rank in search engine indexing, how many backlinks you have & who your competitors are.

Free & from $12/month

Ubersuggest offers the SEO Explorer as part of Neil Patel’s SEO tools. You can use the tool to identify & fix SEO issues on your Website. SEO Explorer will crawl your Site & offer an instantly available report, which gives improvement suggestions & an overall ‘health score’ for your site. free usage is very limited, but Neil Patel’s membership pricing is far lower than many competitors’ fees, & his tools are broad & functional.

Web.dev is run by Google. You can use the tool by entering your Site’s URL on their Webpage & receive an instant report that details your Site’s ‘health score’ in 4 important areas — performance, SEO, accessibility & best practices. The report is instantly available & can be downloaded for perusal. Helpful hints & methods to employ to fix errors are also on offer & form part of the report. The tool crawls 1 page at a time, so to get a website report for your entire domain, would be rather tedious. However, if used in conjunction with Google Search Console, these 2 free Google tools will offer insightful details.

Free & professional one-on-one service

Crawls 500 pages of your Website, free of charge & emails you a detailed, in-depth report on your errors & offers solutions to fix them. This tool equals many paid options in the quality of their report.

Free & from $119.95/month

Scans your Website for 130+ technical & SEO mistakes. Users can get a detailed report free of charge for 100 pages. The tool checks loading speed, content issues, meta tags, security protocols, internal linking, JS & CSS errors & many other issues. Users will receive a monthly report detailing errors & how to rectify them.

In conclusion: Any of the 5 tools above will help solve the problems on your Website & launch you towards better search engine indexing.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Originally published at https://www.whatsnewonthenet.com on February 23, 2021.




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