№6 — Kangoo Jumps

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Jumping around like a kangaroo to loud dance music is what gets you going on the weekend? Then you definitely should try kangoo jumps.

Probably you are thinking the same as I was on Thursday of this week when I was standing in front of the fitness studio In Good Shape in my neighborhood: what is (or are) “kangoo jumps”? After watching several videos on YouTube, I knew and was convinced that this is my experience of this week. A few minutes later I was registered for a class with Silviya’s Kangoo Club on Saturday morning.

Even though I am open for a lot of things, it is always easier to do something completely new with a good friend. Some declined straight away, some cited gastrointestinal issues (“Not the best hangover cure”), but fortunately Eva was down for it.

After dressing in sports clothes, we were given our equipment — kangoo jumps boots. These things feel like a mixture of a pogo stick and ski boots and therefore getting up was not all that easy. Once you stand, however, it is a lot of fun just “bobbing” around.

Nevertheless, we were there for some exercise! Silviya, the instructor, turned up some dance music and off we went, doing various exercises like the girls in the video above. I was sweating like crazy and I am not sure if that was due to the exercises or the coordination required not to fall on my face. After one hour, we were both exhausted despite being in relatively ok shape. But according to Silviya, this was only the beginner’s choreography…

I can recommend this as a fun exercise to anyone looking for something unusual and Silviya did a great job as an instructor. Also, thanks to Eva for doing this with me. It’s a fun thing to start your Saturday.

In case you are wondering — you do not have to bring your own shoes, you can get them there as they are quite expensive to buy.

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