The 7 best dishes in Game Of Thrones

How would it be to use Wonderfood in Westeros?

If they invite you to dinner, think about it carefully ;)

Playing the Game of Thrones is a tough job, but somebody has to do it and we don’t expect that it can be done with an empty belly. Among fights and intrigues, the main characters of the most famous George R.R. Martin novel series drown their pains in golden goblets of wine from Arbor and Dorne, and delight themselves with pigeon pies, lemon tarts and all sort of good stuff. All these delicacies could accidentally be poisoned, but it doesn’t matter.

Without any valid reason, we wondered what we would find using Wonderfood in the Seven Kingdoms. What would we find if we wanted to discover only the best dishes served around us in the different cities of Westeros and Essos? No weird poison, no Lys Tears. Only good food. If you can’t survive anymore without answering this question, we’ve got your back.

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1. Dothraki blood pie

“Food was brought to her, steaming joints of meat and thick black sausages and Dothraki blood pies, and later fruits and sweetgrass stews and delicate pastries from the kitchens of Pentos…”

2. Lemon cakes

“Later came sweetbreads and pigeon pie and baked apples fragrant with cinnamon and lemon cakes frosted in sugar, but by then Sansa was so stuffed that she could not manage more than two little lemon cakes, as much as she loved them. “

3. Sweetgrass and strawberries

“Tables and benches had been raised outside the pavilions, piled high with sweetgrass and strawberries and fresh-baked bread.”

4. Green salad with apple and pine nuts and creamy chestnut soup

“Cersei set a tasty table, that could not be denied. They started with a creamy chestnut soup, crusty hot bread, and greens dressed with apples and pine nuts.”

5. Beef barley soup and greywater frog watch stew

“They used Meera’s helm for a cooking pot, chopping up the catch into little cubes and tossing in some water and some wild onions Hodor had found to make a froggy stew. It wasn’t as good as deer, but it wasn’t bad either…”

6. Shrimp and persimmon soup

“She was breaking her fast on a bowl of cold shrimp-and-persimmon soup when Irri brought her a Qartheen gown, an airy confection of ivory samite patterned with seed pearls.”

7. Roasted shallots

Ben Stark laughed. “As I feared. Ah, well. I believe I was younger than you the first time I got truly and sincerely drunk.” He snagged a roasted onion, dripping brown with gravy, from a nearby trencher and bit into it. It crunched.”