Billy Eichner and Jon Hamm Want to Have A Three-Way

Billy Eichner and Jon Hamm want to have a three-way. The two stars are in hot pursuit of a partner in this edition of “For A Dollar”. This is the latest preview for season 5 of Billy on the Street — we’ve already seen Billy get mad at women for playing the woman card earlier this year.

Billy on the Street, the show from Billy Eichner and Funny or Die, is famous for this sort of thing. Now in its fifth season — don’t miss tonight’s premiere on truTV! — Billy’s still running these streets. And he’s getting bigger stars to jog alongside him.

Eichner and Hamm understand that Hamm’s lost a bit of his “heat.” Jon Hamm’s simply not as famous as he was during the peak of Mad Men, while Eichner has never been more famous. (So far — keep getting bigger Billy!) Still, the sight of the both of them has to be alarming to the everyday New Yorker. Especially when they’re both yelling incoherently.