Calvin Harris Takes on VR in Newest Music Video

Calvin Harris is perhaps best known as Taylor Swift’s ex. His music career’s latest up-shift should perhaps change that. With his latest video for “My Way”, Harris is taking on virtual reality. The same virtual reality that has become all the rage.

In the video, Harris is shown standing isolated in an apartment at first. It then goes inside his VR helmet to where he is. He’s in a cabin, waiting for someone. The video maintains the illusion of virtual reality through slight glitches with the landscape. Those slight glitches become larger and larger as the story unfolds. Almost like Westworld.

Harris is challenging the VR system through these glitches. He’s also making a statement because the place he is in through virtual reality is in actual reality. There’s nothing truly special about the VR zone. It makes a statement about where we’re going as a society. That instead of going to these actual places, we’ll just use a machine to do it.

It feels like Harris is saying to go and experience life. Which is something I 100% agree with. If you want to go to the woods, what’s stopping you on a Saturday? VR can be cool to go experience space, but other than that, like, just go do those things.