Ryan Higa Makes Trump and Hillary Sing “Frozen”

Remember the worst thing about Frozen? It wasn’t “Frozen Heart”, or the weird villainous twist. No, it was “Love Is an Open Door”. Ryan “Nigahiga” Higa made the candidates sing it. Well, he auto-tuned them giving speeches using the words. Schmoyoho style.

It makes for a cute duet. Higa sets it up, saying that he loves both candidates. He thinks of them as both good people. He just wants us all to stop fighting. Oh, sweet, innocent Ryan Higa.

Yes, “Love Is an Open Door” is the worst thing about Frozen. “Let It Go” is great. “Frozen Heart” is seriously misunderstood and underrated. But “Love Is an Open Door” is awful. It’s a love song between a psychopath and a shut-in. The shut-in falls for the psychopath immediately because of this song.

Also, listen to the lyrics. Chocolate fondue does not make you do insane things. Yes, you see his face. So what? Are you in love with paintings? You grew up seeing those. No, love should not be an open door. You need to actually understand the person before letting them in. That’s best done with the lock still on. Talk through the peephole like a normal person.

Anyway, this is a pretty good video I guess. Good job auto-tuning!

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