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What’s Up? M | Serial Newsletter 07

Nouveau Nexus

30 January 2022

Photo by Liam McGarry on Unsplash

Welcome to our seventh newsletter! And the first of the new year 2022!

Already we are one month into 2022 and that means 11 more months to go. But we are not going to take our journey lightly here on this platform as this publication will commit to operating this year with a plan in continuing to share with you specific takes as well as important details and information that are aimed to improve your experience with the Medium platform by keeping you informed and presenting methodical and more scientific perspectives. Co-editor Martin van Soest continues as an ‘in-house’ computer coding wizard, providing you free browser tools and a channel of communication (through our Discord channel) for you to relay any feedback and/or questions about his free Chrome extension tools that help writers to analyze their Distribution and Earnings status on Medium.

This publication also continues to fight for better rights, features and tools, and ideas that benefit writers and their earnings (fairly). Your support in that fight is invaluable by your following, visiting, and participation whenever and wherever possible in pertinent comments and conversations on the Medium platform in support of these ideas or standards that we promote and support in our publication. We also believe in aligning with the mission of the Medium platform which has been interpreted to also be democratic, diverse, and human voices.

Here are just a myriad of ways that you could further participate with this publication in your own time and at your discretion:

  1. Leave a comment on any story in this publication to raise questions, debates, feedback, and the like;
  2. Participate in any of the polls by submitting your answer to them on any of the stories with polls on the Polls Prompts & Responses page;
  3. Download Martin’s free Chrome extension tools (visit this publication’s homepage where the pertinent links are clearly displayed);
  4. Join our Discord channel (it’s a little better than Twitter) to chat about subjects in this publication, the Chrome extension tools (including beta-testing), and general things about Medium;
  5. Become a writer to this publication and submit:
  • related stories to any of the featured pages;
  • a story response to any of the polls (recent or old) — inside any poll story tells you how-to do this;
  • a positive review of another writer’s essay challenge from Medium’s 2021 summer contest (visit any story on the pertinent feature page “Outside the 104” which tells you how-to do this — this feature page can also be found at the top of the publication’s navigation menu bar) —this feature can also be supported by writing and publishing it anywhere else and using the tag “Outsidethe104”, and it will be looked out for weekly and brought attention to it in this publication’s weekly wrap-ups and/or newsletters;

Note: the ultimate deadline for this page to remain open for submissions will be 1 year from the end of the contest which is 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 24 August 2022;

(and feel free to check out the publication’s goals here).

Some new and small housekeeping changes to note for the publication:

  1. Starting 2022, Januarys will be a month off for weekly Wrap-Ups so that there is sufficient time for analyzing the prior year and the gearing up of ideas and plans in the new year, but stories will continue to be posted as usual within January, and, of course, the whole idea is that you could explore the publication anytime at your leisure and schedule;
  2. Weekly Wrap-Ups will continue weekly on this publication in February targeted for every Sunday of each month going forward;
  3. The numbering of weekly Wrap-Ups and Monthly Serial Newsletters will now be completely separate (as was not the case in 2021 which was confusing so this will streamline better for 2022): January’s Serial Newsletter will be #07 and February’s first Weekly Wrap-Up will be #22.

Okay, so, let’s get right into the 7th newsletter info, here.

© 2022 The Secret Aspirant. All rights reserved.




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